Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Patrolling the Big Sky: Trooper Werner

The homegrown Montana PBS show, 'Montana Journal', brings the viewing audience into the lives of the people of our state. My Advanced Video Storytelling class completed a half-hour documentary on the Montana Highway Patrol entitled "Patrolling the Big Sky." I flew five-hundred miles to ride along with Trooper Derek Werner, dedicated patrolman and Native American tribal member. I hope you enjoy this glimpse of what it's like for a cross-deputized officer to enforce the law on the people of his state, and also the people of his tribe.

I shot and edited the segment together, and Jake Stevenson rode in the back seat as the reporter in the field.

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  1. Great video. My husband is a Trooper on the other side of the state...not too far from Missoula! I will be sharing this on Facebook! Great job! :)